[logo] About i-WAT

i-WAT is a system of complementary currencies. It is cooperative, distributed and autonomous; there is no central bank or coordinator. Anyone can spontaneously start trades in i-WAT if they just install the software.

Using i-WAT, you can easily establish barter relationships by drawing new i-WAT tickets, which look like an electronic version of bills of exchange, or using existing tickets you have obtained from others. i-WAT complements human relationships, which tend to be overlooked in the economy as a form of thrifty management of money, by building the network of confidence. i-WAT is "a new medium to connect human beings".

The features include:

[] About the WAT-System

The WAT-system is a system of complementary currencies designed by Mr. Eiichi Morino, the founder of Gesell Research Society Japan. In the WAT-system, individuals can draw WAT-tickets, which resemble bills of exchange, and circulate goods or services provided by others.

For detail, read descriptions on the WAT core.


GNU GPL (GNU General Public License) states that the released software must stay in the public domain.