[logo] Realization of the WAT Core in i-WAT

An i-WAT ticket is a digitized version of a WAT ticket.

In i-WAT, messages signed in GnuPG (i-WAT messages) are exchanged among the participants to transfer i-WAT tickets.

Each trade takes three steps: sending (by the sender) -> acceptance (by the receiver) -> approval (by the drawer), because in computer networks communications are asynchronous1, and because every copy of a digital data is genuine and indistinguishable from each other. We need to provide a way for the participants to confirm each other's intent by replying to messages, and to guarantee that the same ticket is not used multiple times by a malicious user.

The copy of an i-WAT ticket at the drawer's i-WAT book always indicates the approved holder of the ticket.

  1. Drawing
  2. Circulation
  3. Redemption

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Communications being asynchronous in this context means that sending and receiving of a message does not occur at the same time.