[] A new medium to connect human beings.

i-WAT is a software for free association of people.

Using i-WAT, you can easily establish barter relationships by drawing new i-WAT tickets, which look like an electronic version of bills of exchange, or using existing tickets you have obtained from others. By this, you can support values which are not readily circulated in today's economy, such as volunteer works, daily helps and enjoyments, minor works of literature/music/image or other arts, or skills that are not regularly utilized. (Of course, i-WAT is also used for exchanging goods or services which are commonly circulated in today's economy.)

The word economy originally meant the process of production/distribution/consumption which forms the foundation for cooperative lives of people, and the whole social relationships resulting from such activities. i-WAT complements such relationships, which tend to be overlooked in the economy as a form of thrifty management of money, by building the network of confidence based on the WAT-system. i-WAT is a system of complementary/barter currencies1 and "a new medium to connect human beings".


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A barter is to trade goods or services without exchanging money. A barter currency, unlike fiat money such as yen or dollars, is generated by traders on demand, and disappears when the demand no longer exists.


Darwin is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Powered By Darwin badge is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., used with permission.


i-WAT is a new means for payment that connects human beings together. The ACCEPTING i-WAT badge can be used on web sites which accept payments or donations in i-WAT. Media Art Online provides services for customizing i-WAT (although the resulting code will be distributed as a part of i-WAT as a free software as stated by GNU GPL). We accept payments in i-WAT, where 10kWh is exchanged with approximately an hour of programming labor.


wija is a testbed for pursuing all possibilities of communication on the Internet. The POWERING wija badge can be used on web sites which empower wija by developing plug-in modules, introducing the software or giving feedbacks on its deficiencies. wija needs to be powered by you; then your life will be powered by wija.