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The first-time users are adviced to follow the installation guide, and install prerequisite software prior to installing wija.

From version 0.12, wija and its plugins distributed from Media Art Online are digitally signed by the system's PGP key identified by below1.

User ID
  • Media Art Online <cafe@media-art-online.org>
  • [] FED5 08E9 E76F 214E 1C41 6C95 2744 4B32 846D 03BE

The system's public key is automatically imported to your computer when the new version of wija is used for the first time. Please verify the authenticity of the key by checking the above fingerprint.

>> Latest release (version 0.14, change 1374, December 30, 2007)

>> Past releases


The latest releases allow users to update wija or plugins by directly downloading the new software from the computers of their members if they use newer versions. The validity of the new software is automatically verified since they are digitally signed by the system's PGP key.