[logo] Encrypt/Decrypt Messages

You can encrypt messages you send for intended receivers, and decrypt the messages you have received.

* You can sign and encrypt a message at the same time.

>> Encrypt a message

Follow these steps after opening a message compilation window.

[message compilation window]

  1. Turn on "Encrypt" button.
    • The state of the button toggles when you click on it.
  2. Click on "Send" button.
    • The message is sent encrypted.
    • If the public key of the correspondent is not set, you are asked whether it should be sent as a plain text or not.

>> Decrypt an encrypted message

A message window appears when you receive a message.

[message window]

  1. Click on "Decrypt" button of the message window.
    • A GnuPG passphrase input window appears.
    [GnuPG passphrase input window]
  2. Enter the passphrase.
    • The decrypted message will appear on the window.